THE WORRY DOLLS, (1) “Run, Rosalinda, Run”

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There is a legend amongst the highland Indian villages of Guatemala.

If you have a problem, then share it with a Worry Doll.

Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow.

While you sleep the dolls will take your worries away.

Chapter 1 – “Run, Rosalinda, Run”


        The man, the woman, and the young girl fled in the abandoned warehouse, up the dark stairwell, clutching each other’s hands.  At the top of the stairs, the man slung the woman and the young girl past himself into the dim hallway.  He turned and knelt with his automatic rifle, taking aim down the throat of the stairwell.  A hard rain began to boil on the roof.

        The woman cowered against the far end of the hallway near the open window.  She held the young girl tightly.  Into the young girl’s ear the woman whispered, “Rosalinda, Rosalinda.”

          The woman then cried out, “Carlos!”

        The man Carlos threw a wide-eyed glance toward the woman.

        Carlos cried, “Sister Juanita!  Hide!”

        Suddenly there were angry shouts from down in the belly of the stairwell and Carlos turned back, coiling tight like a snake.

        Sister Juanita turned sideways and leaned and looked out the open window there at the end of the hallway.  Sister Juanita looked down into the dead-end alleyway.  Three stories below her the violent rain lashed at mounds of trash and boxes.

        The young girl Rosalinda whimpered.  She looked toward Carlos and then she heard the sound as if rocks were clacking together, fast and hard.  The hallway flashed with sparks.

        Carlos flew erect; spreading his arms like wings and he fell back against the wall of the hallway.  He did not move again.

        “Carlos!” screamed Sister Juanita, arching forward.  Rosalinda dug her heels into the floor and leaned back against Sister Juanita, howling at Sister Juanita’s anguish.

        A dark figure leapt up from the stairwell and lunged at Carlos.  He struck Carlos hard with a machete.  Carlos’ body shook only from the physical blow.

        Toward Sister Juanita the assailant turned his eyes shining like the implacable eyes of a Jaguar.

        Sister Juanita surrendered her fate with swift silence.  She lifted her leg over the ledge of the open window, drawing Rosalinda into her chest and belly, and then pushed herself out the open window backwards into free-fall.  “Run, Rosalinda, run!” she screamed as they fell with the rain.  The night sky fled above her.  Lightning shattered her eyes.


Chapter 2 – “Kristen’s Blues”






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