I can stop writing to you now

Writing is all I am


Until the end you will always be Then to me


Am I ever even a faint smile to you?


You’ve been gone a long time now

I haven’t gone anywhere

I am caught remembering

A Time now

Long gone


I will find for myself the answer

The answer I already know

Or stop asking


I’m not important


You were just a promise I made to myself


I don’t want anything anymore anyway



(You must want something )

(What do you want?)



High ground


Jesus Christ

I’m talking to myself again



(What is it about this being crucified thing?)

(Shedding your body?)




I felt love approaching

I was so sure


So was I crazy or were you my destiny?


I was crazy

You were my crazy


That is rock bottom comedy

Me unfolding like a paper party horn

Rolling to the end

Sounding a tissue trumpet



(What are you afraid of?)



Things as they actually exist


I believed there was a me and you

It’s only me

I am it alone



(Oh please stop it)

(Can I just laugh at you now?)

(I am weary of you)

(I won’t be back)


(Yet here I am)


(I wished you would stop writing me)

(Let me go)

(Let me go for your own sake)


(You aren’t my fault)

(You knew what we were doing)


(So I am glad for you)

(Now and then)




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