They called me Dredge before she killed me, the bitch.  Now I am cursed to haunt the life of Jonni Sebastiana Bach.  I have no eyes but I see everything.

     Malone Welrod Bach is the brother of Jonni Sebastiana Bach.  He is two years older.

     Malone was the enfant terrible of Yale University Law.  When the parents of Malone and Jonni were killed, Malone left school to manage the family estate.

     Malone knew his sister had become a killer.

     Jonni taunted big brother, “Do you think I’m a serial killer?”  She batted her eyes.

     Malone arose and began his direct examination, “Do you start fires just for the thrill of destruction?”

     Jonni answered, “No.  I fire my gun to extinguish assholes.”

     Malone asked, “Are you cruel to animals?”

     Jonni exclaimed, “Never!  But I do enjoy pulling the legs off of assholes.”

     Malone asked in summation, “Did you wet your bed beyond the age…”

     Jonni interrupted, “Fuck you, asshole.”

     Malone amended, “Have you killed several victims in three or more separate events?”

     Jonni narrowed her eyes.

     Malone concluded, “Well, ladies and Jonni, you might lack the warning signs of a serial killer.  However, in Controversial Issues in Criminology, Fuller and Hickey write that the element of time involved between murderous acts is primary in the differentiation of serial, mass, and spree murderers, later elaborating that spree killers will engage in the killing acts for days or weeks while the methods of murder and types of victims vary.”

     Jonni said, “I guess I’m a vengeance killer.  I am weak, but surely the spirits who assist my vengeance will endow me with sufficient strength.

     Malone said, “Interesting that you quote to me from Frankenstein, sister mine.”

     The parents of Malone and Jonni were walking from a charity concert when they were run down by a police cruiser chasing a fleeing killer. They were mangled and died in each other’s arms.  That suspected serial killer had then gotten away.  Me, Dredge.

     Jonni still doesn’t know that I was the first one she shot in her killing rage avenging her parents.  Fate?  Justice?  I think not.  Where is my forgiveness?  She’s still killing!  How is that fair?  I haven’t even met God and I’m dead!





[[Jonni Sebastiana Bach, To Be Reloaded]]>








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