That was the end of my self delusion:

My reflection.

In the mirror of a crowded nail salon.

In the vibrating chair waiting for a pedicure.

Fat. Bloated. Tired.


That was how I was offering myself to the gods.

My mind once told me to OD on meth so my death would be ruled accidental and my son could go to college on my life insurance policy. That was my BEST thinking at the time.

The mind is affected by chemicals as well as by body normal chemistry

Is the mind actually part of that?

No freedom in the mind.

What is the spirit in my conscience as I stare at the lawn?

Is it my question itself?


Freedom is the spirit!


That is the ONLY GOAL.

How to untangle without struggle?

Struggle acknowledges the shackles.

Fucked up.

I thought indifference was the exit door.

But the ones you love make you cling.

Fucked up.

But I’m afraid for the well being of my loved ones.

Is that bad?

Does it show no faith?

Dog licking my knee.

Unconditional Love.













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