Champagne dress-pumps.

     Ankle-high white fish-net lace stockings.

     A flowing ankle-length flowered champagne dress.

     A college student pink backpack.

     A silver single-pierced nostril ring, bejeweled with one sapphire.

     In one raised hand, a silver-white can of zero-calorie energy drink.

    In the other raised hand, a golden cellphone.

     Waiting alone for the last train of the night.

     She drew my gaze.

     She gave me that feeling.

     She was the one tonight.

     I pulled my hood down tighter.  I emerged from the shadow.  I glided toward her.

     She was watching her smart phone.

     I took out my chord and wound it around my hands.

     I came close.  I raised my chord to drop it around her smooth neck.

     Suddenly she turned and in a single swirling motion she cast away her soda and reached into her long flowered dress.

     She snatched out a gun with a long black barrel.

     The gun spat at my stomach.

     I fell down onto my side like a sack of wet sand, realizing the gun had been silent.

     I was writhing with shock and pain.

     She stood over me.  She knelt and put the silencer against the top of my head.

     I heard her ask, “What’s your name?”

     I moaned, “…Dredge…uhhh, uhhh.”

     She said, “Well… ‘Dredge uhh uhh’,… My name is Jonni.  You were my first.  They say that you always remember your first time.”

     I had a vision of my open grave.

     She smiled, “Did the earth move for you?”

     I was crying.

     She stood erect.  She took a breath.  Then with the grace of a musical conductor she extended her arm and waved her gun down at me.

     Her gun performed absolute music in my head.



[[Jonni Sebastiana Bach, To Be Reloaded]]>









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