“Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?”
― Sigmund Freud


Paper bruised with ink
Under a graffiti sky

Urban pests
Feasting on the promises

Party Man, Lynda, Emily, and Holly
Outrun the stone on this sunset trail

This place will burn
Gizzards and hearts

We are each one part of one torn soul
In the naked wetlands

Social Tears
The skin of my dreams

Our will power is our animal
Our mind is our funny hat

Threats are no longer over the horizon
They are within
The ticking Koran
In the soul cage

Lip service
Rehearsing the Truth

Kill switch
What does my sorrow mean?

Stories never read
Works of ash

Chuck a wobbly
Tony Immanuel Phillips
What would you be
Far away forever?

Out of mind, out of sight
Renting your grave
In the time of these words
Noble death songs
If I die today
Racing my shadow

Melodies of the heart
Maladies of the heart
Revenge of the rib
Reopening romance
I went over the waterfall in your eyes
Bette Noire

Man up, Mr. Brownstain
Memories are your graves
Chin up
Duck into the future

Sorry, please, thank you
Plot broker
Taking ground
Flowers rust

Rebellion of the Dust
Your hunger draws you out and makes you prey for other hungry things

“You’ve got a life sentence because your father sinned”, says a friend whose name I forget (text me), “Happy anniversary from the nerd table of this mystical high school lunchroom!”







Wiry old guy

sunburnt brown

belt end flopping too long over studs

striding exaggerated swagger

like he just acquired new legs

but I imagined he had been ill

lost weight and now found ecstasy in just walking




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