Oh my god, how long have I been dead?

I’m in some museum exhibit.  I’m bones!

Those people are attired so oddly.  They are all thin and pale.  They are weird and small.

Is this an event for ghouls?

That banner says “Global Relaxation Day August 15, 2368”.  It can’t be 2368! And that’s my birthday!

Well, I am relaxed.

Jesus, I am in a glass display of skeletons!

Oh god, I remember now how I always wanted to be famous.  I remember praying for success.

Then I was praying for forgiveness.  I remember descending.

Wow.  Who is that babe?

She has a badge: Museum Guide Trainee.  And a name badge: Fama.

Hey, Fama is checkin’ me out.  I’m holding her gaze.

I guess she likes my “boner”.

Hey, babe don’t leave so soon.

How can I be hard and relaxed?

This is Hell.

Hell is staying on earth.  Or in it.

What a diabolical resurrection.

God I want a cigar.

Look.  There is a reflection of a sign in this case glass.  I can just about read it backwards.

Remains from the Great Civil War of 2018 in the archaic nation state called The United States. Most dead were cremated in mass pyres. That was very bad for Climate Change. These skeletons were unearthed from a mass grave of the Undecided at the site of the Battle for Mount Whitney.

I remember!  I wasn’t an Undecided.  I was a Conscientious Hermit!  We were massacred.

Ooo! Hey, here’s Fama again!

I think she really likes me.

Fama is putting some kind of monocle up to her eye.  Oh!  It flashed.

Hey, Fama, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other, I hope.  You can trust me.  I’m not like your other guys.

I have no baggage, babe.








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