18_vengeance is mine, crop1



        There you are.

        I’ve been waiting for you to show up.

        Yeah, just keep on walking like nothing in my world is your problem, asshole.

        You have no idea.

        I’m going to repay you for every fucking thing you ever did to me.

        You seduce my wife, and then you get me fired for making a scene at work? How is that possible?!

        I put up with you and that fucking job for ten years! Do you really think you’ll get away with that? Do you and your friends think I’ll just go away? Guess again, motherfucker: I have nothing to lose now.

        You’ve made my life total shit. My wife left me like it was my fault.

        I’ve gone on a hundred interviews since you got me fired, and they all say “Thanks, we’ll…

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