Dilly Dally, Silly Sally,
Walk on down the railroad track,
iPod buds pushed in your ears,
Sing along the day and back,
Watch the flowers working hard,

Meanwhile, in the railroad yard,
Engine fourteen-fourteen squeals,
Covered in graffiti tags,
Straining on his rusty wheels,
Sixty-one years old today,

Fourteen-fourteen chugs away,
On his journey one last run,
Outbound to the vanishing
Point ahead where falls the sun,
Fourteen-fourteen blows a kiss,

With his whistle and a hiss,
Wake-up, Sally, scuffing soles,
There’s a rumble from behind,
Ask for whom the train bell tolls,
If you hear it, harken well,

Silly Sally, ding dong dell,
All-aboard your train of thought,
Flowers shiver at your feet,
Cross-tie walker, on that spot,
Can’t you see? That pebble shakes,

Rails of steel slide like two snakes,
Gaining speed beneath the wheels,
Reeling-in the girl ahead,
Texting, texting how she feels,
Planning how her life will be,

“When I’m married happily,
On my happy honeymoon,
Life will b








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