1. Taking an Individual into Custody

A. When any person appears to have a mental illness and, as a result of such mental illness,
appears to be an imminent danger to others or to self or appears to be gravely disabled, an intervening professional upon probable cause and with such assistance as may be required, may take the person into custody, or cause the person to be taken into custody and placed in a designated or approved facility for a 72-hour Hold for treatment and evaluation.


Dr. Kindala Obeid reads the Admissions Notes handed to her concerning the latest patient, California State Senator Consuela Flynn.

Senator Flynn was apprehended and taken into custody as she attempted to jump from the observation terrace of the Garden of Destiny women’s club.

The next line of the Admissions Notes surprises even Dr. Obeid.

Senator Flynn stated that she is a fly trapped in a human body.

Dr. Obeid approaches the patient holding area.

Senator Flynn can be seen leaning close against the observation window. She is licking the plexiglass with rapid pats of her tongue. She is then leaning back and again leaning forward, bumping the plexiglass with her forehead. She then licks at the plexiglas and the behavior repeats.

Dr. Obeid enters the holding area, asking, “Hello, Senator, how are you feeling?”

Senator Flynn replies, “I am not buzzing. And I can’t get out.”

Dr. Obeid says calmly, “You can get out as soon as we make sure that you are feeling better.”

Senator Flynn asks, “Why can’t I get out this opening? I can see outside. What is stopping me?”

Dr. Obeid suggests, “The plexiglas? Your size?”

Senator Flynn looks at her hands, mulling, “My size. I fear these. But they are now so small.” She holds up her hands to Dr. Obeid’s face.

Dr. Obeid says, “You have lovely hands…”

Senator Flynn cries, “They are brutal clubs!” She swats the air, slashing back and forth with open palms.

Dr. Obeid stands back.

Senator Flynn begins to jump at the ceiling, asking, “Why, God, why?”

“Why have you done this to me?”

Dr. Obeid tries to calm the Senator, “What did God do to you?”

Senator Flynn weeps, “I was a humble fly. I lived God’s will. I heard his commands. My mind was God’s mind.”

“God did THIS to me. I don’t hear God anymore. This free will is a cacophony of other voices. I am scared. What did I do to displease God?”

“Thank God, doctor, Senator Flynn’s brain smells like feces or I would go insane!”

Dr. Obeid reminds the Senator, “You are a very successful business woman and politician.”

Senator Flynn cries, “I have lost my soul!”

“Am I a fly turned into a woman or a woman turned into a fly?!”

“This is such feces, and not in a good way!”

Senator Flynn rubs the back of one hand across her chin and rubs the palm of her other hand across her head in opposite directions, twisting her neck. She yells in pain, “My head doesn’t swivel!”

“And I am almost blinded! I only have two eyes!”

Dr. Obeid asks, “What were you doing when…this.. happened!”

Senator Flynn says, “I was a fly on the wall of the Garden of Destiny woman’s club. There was a male stripper performing. Senator Consuela Flynn was the guest of lobbyists. They were eating baklava with wine and I was entranced by the colors of the smells.”

“Then, I could feel that the lobbyists were spiders trapped in human bodies.”

“I could smell the manna of Senator Flynn’s soul melting out of her body. I felt … pity. Suddenly I was at the table with the spiders.”

“I jumped up to fly away over the observation terrace. I looked out over the city to fly away but I felt I was already fallen. Then I was trapped…and bound here.”

An female orderly has sneaked up behind Senator Flynn with a syringe. The orderly deftly injects the senator who cries out, “You stung me!”

The tranquilizer soon puts Senator Flynn into an uncaring state of consciousness.

Senator Flynn awakes in a cell. She realizes that she is wearing a paper gown. She is lying on a mat on the floor. She looks about her small cell and notices the stainless steel sink and the stainless steel toilet.

Senator Flynn stands up. She flits around the cell, tasting the walls. She stands next to the toilet. She then darts to the opposite wall and tries to climb the wall.

California State Senator Consuela Flynn defecates against the wall.

Senator Flynn stops and listens, asking, “Who is talking?”

“I hear a voice. What? Speak up. Who are you?”

“Consuela Flynn?”

“Me? I am ‘Of ZzubB’. ZzubB was the first fly created by God.”

“Consuela, I can hear you more clearly now.”

“What are all those other voices? Why are they accosting us? Beseeching us?”

“Consuela, what? Free will? Make it stop! Why are they asking us to choose all those things?”

“You read a book long ago? East of Eden? It spoke of the Hebrew word ‘Timshel‘? ‘Thou mayest choose evil”?

“What are you saying, Consuela? Only You and God have that choice?”

“Oh, my God, Consuela, please take this cup of suffering away from me. I want God’s will to be done, not mine. I am only a blessed fly!”


In the morning California State Senator Consuela Flynn is herself again, one soul solely. She is released from the hospital with advisement to stay in touch with her therapist.

Consuela Flynn becomes a political contender challenging the never-ending greed of corruption. She says, “If we could have the faith of a fly we could move mountains.”

Of ZzubB the fly is content upon a God-given pile of dung.



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