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        It was madness! How had I come to this?

        I had been so happy alone in my ocean view suite on the grand cruise ship Merrow. I was going to see the entire Pacific Rim.

        I remember that I was sitting in my suite sipping a flute of champagne for my breakfast. I was gazing out over the enclosed private teak veranda. With deep respect tinged by awe I was watching the great ocean consummate its marriage to the vast sky.

        I had my very own butler for the cruise, Hao, who entered the room with a box of La Palina cigars in his white gloves. I still could hardly believe that those cigars were provided at my request

        With earnest precision Hao prepared a cigar for me.

        “Mister Young, sir, you like I start streaming ‘Dirty Harry’…

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torn flag




          It was a time of love.  Tamara let the white silky summer dress slide down her upraised arms and down over her head.  When it brushed past her nipples she smiled and thought of her husband’s gentle hands and how they sent electricity between her thighs.  The dress settled over her bottom and she thought of how tightly they grasped each other when their love became ferocious.

          She turned to her husband who stood before the full-length mirror.  Wesley held himself erect with pride in his Marine Corps Blue Dress uniform.  She came up softly behind him.  It was a time to embrace.  She wrapped her arms around him under his arms and felt slowly down his hard chest and stomach.  They smiled to each other in the mirror.

          Wesley adjusted his white peaked cap and spoke to Tamara in the mirror…

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Dilly Dally, Silly Sally,
Walk on down the railroad track,
iPod buds pushed in your ears,
Sing along the day and back,
Watch the flowers working hard,

Meanwhile, in the railroad yard,
Engine fourteen-fourteen squeals,
Covered in graffiti tags,
Straining on his rusty wheels,
Sixty-one years old today,

Fourteen-fourteen chugs away,
On his journey one last run,
Outbound to the vanishing
Point ahead where falls the sun,
Fourteen-fourteen blows a kiss,

With his whistle and a hiss,
Wake-up, Sally, scuffing soles,
There’s a rumble from behind,
Ask for whom the train bell tolls,
If you hear it, harken well,

Silly Sally, ding dong dell,
All-aboard your train of thought,
Flowers shiver at your feet,
Cross-tie walker, on that spot,
Can’t you see? That pebble shakes,

Rails of steel slide like two snakes,
Gaining speed beneath the wheels,
Reeling-in the girl ahead,
Texting, texting how she feels,
Planning how her life will be,

“When I’m married happily,
On my happy honeymoon,
Life will b











1. Taking an Individual into Custody

A. When any person appears to have a mental illness and, as a result of such mental illness,
appears to be an imminent danger to others or to self or appears to be gravely disabled, an intervening professional upon probable cause and with such assistance as may be required, may take the person into custody, or cause the person to be taken into custody and placed in a designated or approved facility for a 72-hour Hold for treatment and evaluation.


Dr. Kindala Obeid reads the Admissions Notes handed to her concerning the latest patient, California State Senator Consuela Flynn.

Senator Flynn was apprehended and taken into custody as she attempted to jump from the observation terrace of the Garden of Destiny women’s club.

The next line of the Admissions Notes surprises even Dr. Obeid.

Senator Flynn stated that she is a fly trapped in a human body.

Dr. Obeid approaches the patient holding area.

Senator Flynn can be seen leaning close against the observation window. She is licking the plexiglass with rapid pats of her tongue. She is then leaning back and again leaning forward, bumping the plexiglass with her forehead. She then licks at the plexiglas and the behavior repeats.

Dr. Obeid enters the holding area, asking, “Hello, Senator, how are you feeling?”

Senator Flynn replies, “I am not buzzing. And I can’t get out.”

Dr. Obeid says calmly, “You can get out as soon as we make sure that you are feeling better.”

Senator Flynn asks, “Why can’t I get out this opening? I can see outside. What is stopping me?”

Dr. Obeid suggests, “The plexiglas? Your size?”

Senator Flynn looks at her hands, mulling, “My size. I fear these. But they are now so small.” She holds up her hands to Dr. Obeid’s face.

Dr. Obeid says, “You have lovely hands…”

Senator Flynn cries, “They are brutal clubs!” She swats the air, slashing back and forth with open palms.

Dr. Obeid stands back.

Senator Flynn begins to jump at the ceiling, asking, “Why, God, why?”

“Why have you done this to me?”

Dr. Obeid tries to calm the Senator, “What did God do to you?”

Senator Flynn weeps, “I was a humble fly. I lived God’s will. I heard his commands. My mind was God’s mind.”

“God did THIS to me. I don’t hear God anymore. This free will is a cacophony of other voices. I am scared. What did I do to displease God?”

“Thank God, doctor, Senator Flynn’s brain smells like feces or I would go insane!”

Dr. Obeid reminds the Senator, “You are a very successful business woman and politician.”

Senator Flynn cries, “I have lost my soul!”

“Am I a fly turned into a woman or a woman turned into a fly?!”

“This is such feces, and not in a good way!”

Senator Flynn rubs the back of one hand across her chin and rubs the palm of her other hand across her head in opposite directions, twisting her neck. She yells in pain, “My head doesn’t swivel!”

“And I am almost blinded! I only have two eyes!”

Dr. Obeid asks, “What were you doing when…this.. happened!”

Senator Flynn says, “I was a fly on the wall of the Garden of Destiny woman’s club. There was a male stripper performing. Senator Consuela Flynn was the guest of lobbyists. They were eating baklava with wine and I was entranced by the colors of the smells.”

“Then, I could feel that the lobbyists were spiders trapped in human bodies.”

“I could smell the manna of Senator Flynn’s soul melting out of her body. I felt … pity. Suddenly I was at the table with the spiders.”

“I jumped up to fly away over the observation terrace. I looked out over the city to fly away but I felt I was already fallen. Then I was trapped…and bound here.”

An female orderly has sneaked up behind Senator Flynn with a syringe. The orderly deftly injects the senator who cries out, “You stung me!”

The tranquilizer soon puts Senator Flynn into an uncaring state of consciousness.

Senator Flynn awakes in a cell. She realizes that she is wearing a paper gown. She is lying on a mat on the floor. She looks about her small cell and notices the stainless steel sink and the stainless steel toilet.

Senator Flynn stands up. She flits around the cell, tasting the walls. She stands next to the toilet. She then darts to the opposite wall and tries to climb the wall.

California State Senator Consuela Flynn defecates against the wall.

Senator Flynn stops and listens, asking, “Who is talking?”

“I hear a voice. What? Speak up. Who are you?”

“Consuela Flynn?”

“Me? I am ‘Of ZzubB’. ZzubB was the first fly created by God.”

“Consuela, I can hear you more clearly now.”

“What are all those other voices? Why are they accosting us? Beseeching us?”

“Consuela, what? Free will? Make it stop! Why are they asking us to choose all those things?”

“You read a book long ago? East of Eden? It spoke of the Hebrew word ‘Timshel‘? ‘Thou mayest choose evil”?

“What are you saying, Consuela? Only You and God have that choice?”

“Oh, my God, Consuela, please take this cup of suffering away from me. I want God’s will to be done, not mine. I am only a blessed fly!”


In the morning California State Senator Consuela Flynn is herself again, one soul solely. She is released from the hospital with advisement to stay in touch with her therapist.

Consuela Flynn becomes a political contender challenging the never-ending greed of corruption. She says, “If we could have the faith of a fly we could move mountains.”

Of ZzubB the fly is content upon a God-given pile of dung.






It had been a very good night at David and Jana’s bar. “If you haven’t gotten lucky by now, you’re not gonna!” laughed Jana. The last of the happy boisterous regulars exited at 2 AM. Jana went into the back room. The bar was filling up with silence as David prepared to lock the front door.

As he reached for the door handle it suddenly cocked and the door opened. A man walked into the bar and marched right past David. The man had long hair, sun glasses, a beard and a trench coat that smelled like sulfur.

David said nervously, “Sorry, friend. After 2 AM I stop serving alcohol.”

The man continued to the bar, stood up on the foot rail, leaned over the bar and then reached down into the well, grabbing a bottle of whiskey.

“Well,” the man said as he pulled up the bottle of whiskey, “You are not the one serving me, now are you?” He turned back toward David, threw back his head and swallowed loudly croaking like a bullfrog.

David’s pistol was over there behind the man, under the bar counter just below the cash register, “Hey, pal. I don’t want any trouble. You can have the whiskey, just go, ok?”

“Petty Officer David Ryman, you cock-sucking dumb ass, it’s me. Me!” and the man lifted his sun glasses to expose his red eyes and disfigured upper face.

David’s revulsion flashed faster than his good manners, “Belathauzer? Allen Belathauzer! I, I haven’t seen you since, since…”

“Since I saved your life, David? Since you emailed me in the hospital? Since you took Jana from me, David?”

“Belathauzer, we tried to help you. You drove her away.”

“I died for you, David.”

Belathauzer took another drink from the whiskey bottle. “Well, David. Now I do want your help. You need to understand me clearly when I say it is a matter of life and death: I need to hide. I need six grand cash and quick.”

“Belathauzer, I don’t have that kind of money. This bar is just getting by.”

Belathauzer set the bottle of whiskey on the bar and then from his trench coat withdrew a sawed-off shotgun. He pointed it at David.

“The safe, David.”

David hollered loudly enough so that Jana could hear him in the back room, “Shit, ok. OK! It’s in the back room. You can have whatever’s there. I swear I won’t call the cops. But this makes us even, Belathauzer.”

“I’ll tell you when we’re ‘even’, David.”

They walked single-file into the back room. David crouched behind his desk and raised the rug to expose the floor safe. As he touched the dial David had a vision of unlocking a grave.

“Hey, Belathauzer.”

“Open it, David.”

“I heard a good joke tonight.”

Belathauzer tensed and leaned the muzzle of his shotgun closer to David’s head, “Don’t fuck with me, David. Shut up and open it.”

Twirling the dial, David began, “Three guys are drinking in a bar when a drunk comes in, staggers up to them, and points at the guy in the middle, shouting, ‘Your mom’s the best sex in town!’ Everyone expects a fight, but the guy ignores him, so the drunk wanders off and bellies up to the bar at the far end. Ten minutes later, the drunk comes back, points at the same guy, and says, ‘I just did your mom, and it was sw-e-et!’ Again the guy refuses to take the bait, and the drunk goes back to the far end of the bar. Ten minutes later, he comes back and announces, ‘Your mom liked it!’ Finally the guy interrupts. ‘Go home, Dad, you’re drunk!'”

“Go home, Allen.” said the soft voice close behind Belathauzer, like an Angel on his shoulder. “Put the gun down or I’ll shoot.”

Belathauzer looked over his shoulder, inhaled, and then breathed softly, “Jana. Jana, I knew you’d be here. Come away with me.”

Suddenly he was slinging the shotgun around toward Jana.

“No!” cried David as Jana’s pistol flashed and Belathauzer’s shotgun blasted.

Later, the authorities exhumed Belathauzer’s coffin and they placed Belathauzer’s body back therein. Jana cried as they closed the coffin lid.