Today is Friday.  Good Friday.

I was driving up to New Haven to share Easter dinner with my father.

This coming Easter Sunday is on April First, April Fools’ Day.

I thought idly, “The Disciples must have felt foolish finally stealing away with Jesus’s dead body on Easter morning when he didn’t rise.”

I was alone on the road.

I was half way to New Haven when suddenly my car jolted.

“Holy shit!”

I was baptized in adrenaline as I swerved to the shoulder of the road and I stopped. I stepped out of my car and looked back down the road.

I saw him.

I called to him, “Are you ok?”

He was about thirty years old with long hair and he was holding up a crux with a sign tacked to it.

I trotted towards him, “Are you ok?”

I saw then that his sign stated: “Cruz Fuentes, you must decide.”

I halted.  I exclaimed, “How, how… do you know my name?!”

Then I noticed the phone book near his bare feet.

The man spoke.

“You see what you want to believe.”

I asked in disbelief, “Do you have a sign for everyone in the phone book, or something?!”

He answered, “Or something.”

I stared up at his sign and I asked, “What the hell must I decide?!”

He answered, “Exactly. Decide.”

“For godsake, who are you?!”

He answered, “Who do you think I am?”

I stepped back, saying, “Some fucking weirdo!”

I stepped back again, “What do you want?!”

“I want you to decide. The only thing that is truly yours in this life is this choice.”

I stepped back, saying, “I am out of here!”

I strode back to my car. As I opened the door I glanced toward the weirdo. He had turned his back to me.

I got into my car.

As I pulled the door shut I was awakened.


I am upside down inside my crumpled car. I am trapped. I struggle to move but I am in agony. I hear people yelling. I smell gasoline. Smoke! I cough bitter tears. I hear fire crackling all around me. I can’t see. I scream in darkness.



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