Rogan Scully wore his new suit.

Rogan had come from the bedroom into the kitchen with his bowling ball bag. He set the bowling ball bag on the breakfast table.

Rogan opened the bowling ball bag and carefully reached inside. He said, “Well, today is Day One at the new job, Brittany.”

Rogan withdrew a woman’s severed head and set it gently on the kitchen table.

“I still love you, Brittany.”

The woman’s head was decomposing and ripe.

“You were so sweet. I miss you.”

Rogan sat down at the breakfast table and leaned intimately toward the astonished head of Brittany.

“You know that I loved you since I first saw you on that tour bus. I was love stricken. I knew somehow that you would be love stricken too.”

Rogan suddenly noticed the flies now orbiting his Brittany.

“Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife!”

Rogan stood up swiftly and took a can of insecticide out of his bowling ball bag. He sprayed his Brittany’s face.

“We were always married in spirit, weren’t we?”

Rogan sat down. He stroked his Brittany’s cheekbone. Then he licked his fingers seductively.

“I didn’t have a purpose until we met. I was faking it. Suddenly I knew I would orbit your star as long as I lived.”

Rogan stood up and began pacing around the breakfast table. He fidgeted with his silk tie.

“Love-of-my-life, I even forgave you when you strayed. I knew you hadn’t lost that lovin’ feelin’. I know how you were frightened by the intensity of our love. You ran but I knew that you could never hide.”

“You reign over me.”

Rogan bent down and kissed the crown of his Brittany’s head. He straightened up and wiped her hairs from his lips.

“I owed that interview to you. I wanted you to have everything you wanted. So I was bold. I was motivated. You are my reason for laughing, for crying, for living, and for dying.”

“Without you I would never have gotten ahead.”



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