A YOUNG WIVES’ TALE – “Palmdale”



In the desert night a young mother is running away.

She stumbles over the edge of a gully and rolls down the steep slope. Her legs are bruised and they bleed but now she is hidden from the moonlight. She tries to listen but her heart is pounding in her ears. A powerful flashlight beam slashes above her and her eyes glisten with tears.

“She’s down in this gully, Son.”

“Careful going down, Dad.”

The two create little landslides of stone and sand with each crunching step. The flicking flashlight is like a serpent’s tongue probing the layers of darkness.


“Quiet! I’ll look in those caves. You look around those boulders and bushes.”

They are heading down the gully away from her.

She makes a foolish move.

“What was that?”

The flashlight beam is hurled upon her as she struggles back up the slope. There is a loud crack and suddenly she cannot feel her legs yet she is shuddering as if her legs were kicking.

“Good shot!”

“I’ll carry her, Dad! I can already taste her. Mmmmm. Nothing like a fat rabbit.”



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