What’s the point of love?

You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I guess I’m getting tired of living.

I used to enjoy my imagination.

Now I’m just sad all the time.

Dreading the Fall.

I can feel time passing.

I am a transient human.

Dogs and cats don’t question meaning, even though they have curiosity.

It’s the questioning.

What’s the point? All will be revealed soon enough.

Surrendering yourself: It was always happening.

Does this long goodbye make us human?

Why don’t I feel like I’m going home?

Is the fight worth it?

Was love?

Loving the fight? Fighting the love?

A mirror of words.

The day is born, the day dies.

The night is long.

My eyes are lamps.

They shed no light.

And I no longer reach for those stars.

Tonight, I reach for the stairs.

Farewell, fond memories,

Still smoldering.

I can’t carry you up any farther.

Your gravity stoops my shoulders

Into the emptiness of inner space.

I know why the coyote howls at the light of the distant passing moon;

Why the dog howls at the sound of the distant passing train;

I chew my bones and howl to God.

Pass the leftovers; ham and turkey.

I am a cannibal.

I will ascend to the gallows cross, pierced and punctuated.



One thought on “THE MIRROR OF WORDS

  1. This is pretty dark and gloomy, and at the same time very enlightening. It’s all true, for both the writer and the reader. Love is not the problem nor the answer, it is merely something we put our hope in.

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