I am not a bad Ogre.
I love my humans.
I tickle their soft bellies and I pet them.
They make chirping sounds.

I am sad when I pet them too hard and they won’t move anymore.
Those ones don’t taste as good.

I like my rowdy humans.
The other Ogres say they need discipline.
I like my humans rowdy.

I like best the soft sweet-smelling ones.
Especially when they smell of blood.
I tickle their legs.
I lick my fingers.
I coo, “You taste sooooo good, sweety.”
They make shrill sounds.

I like their heads the best.
I bite them off and they are crunchy then soft.
It might be bad manners but I like to suck their insides out through their neck.
I could go for one right now.

Their skin and bones I use to feed my other humans.
Their excrement makes soft beds for them.
Recycling is important for Mother Earth.

I am not a bad Ogre.
I love my humans.
You should see how other Ogres treat their humans!






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