Bonjou, you.

I be Visolelah Delacroix.

I be a Mambo, High Priestess, Vodou princess.

Is right: Mambo Visolelah Delacroix.

Me friends just call myself Vee Dee.

Me day job is Plot Broker for Soysete City Coroner.

I tell you:


Time killed is a river.
This river she flows to After All.
After All is where they Dead they live.


I seen After All.
They Dead they know myself, you see.
They know all Mambos.


What you call Halloween, they Dead welcomes they new Dead from this year before.
They new Dead been sleeping in they graves this year before.
I be renting you people you graves if you knew, ha, ha, ha.


I be a Plot Broker I told you.
I witness the funeral march.
I seen they Dead dancing to the funeral march.


I seen them what died in the finest clothes get the best seats.
I seen mutilated babies carried by angels.
I hear they Dead priests they saying:

“Truth is unmoving.
Desire is the moving principle.
I desire a God who will remember this passing Love with its child, Sorrow.
I ache that they might be left in the grave.”


So, you.
I am you spiritual guide.
You dancing very fine.
I take you now to welcome you place in this Funeral March.
Happy New Halloween to you!





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