The Outlaw Honey Moses and JUBILEE DUNBAR…..

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Chapter 5 – The Outlaw Honey Moses and




          Jubilee Dunbar was a bastard and a mulatto.

          His momma had told him that his father was Earl Dunbar the rich and famous “Earl of Industry”.  And it’s true that Jubilee’s momma had actually worked for a time in Earl Dunbar’s mansion.  But she was supposedly let-go for stealing.  She always claimed that she was let go because she was pregnant.  That was her story and no one could prove it or disprove it.  But Jubilee Dunbar grew up in a family where the main income was from the wash his momma took in, so he clung to the notion he was the illegitimate son of a rich white man.  In his mind he had been cheated.

          When he was a boy his momma would read to him at night.  She told Jubilee that he could be a lawyer like Frederick Douglas some day.  But he soon figured out that the pennies his momma tried to set aside would never pay for law school.  So, to get where he wanted to go, he “used his industry” to assemble a gang of young “entrepreneurs” that called themselves the Street Hounds Income Trust.  They laughed about that, but they swore loyalty to each other with blood.  What they couldn’t steal they sold “security” for.

          Since he was a mulatto who could pass for a white man, he was quick to assume a manner and to favor a debonair appearance in fine clothes in fine restaurants in fine hotels.  He had no guilt about assuming “that which was his due”, including the good name of Dunbar.

          For a while he even charmed an eccentric society widow into taking care of him while he took care of her, to put it politely.  That’s a whole other story in itself.  She eventually used her influence to get him appointed as a Deputy U. S. Marshal.

          I already told you about the time Jubilee Dunbar worked with Rex Ramsey. In those days, Jubilee Dunbar had been a ruthless Deputy U. S. Marshal and now, with that pretense crumpled in the dirt behind him, he was a ruthless Range Detective with a share in his own security company, securing for Jubilee Dunbar, you can bet on that.

          What was that you said?  Well, I heard all this right here at the Whisper Glory from Kate Grody herself after she carried out Honey Moses’ plan.  You can ask Kate yourself when you’re up there, if you feel like paying for talk.









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