Oh, God, my head.  Bitch, this is your worst hangover ever!

Where am I?

Jesus, what is my name?!

Oh, yeah, “Leanna”.  How stupid.

God, fuck me.  I’ve never been that drunk before.

Shit, was I given a date-rape drug!?

Come on, bitch, open your eyes.


They are open!

I’m blind!!

Stand up, bitch!

Oh, God, I’m blind!  I’m blind!!

Help!  Help me!  Somebody!

Oh, thank God.  Who are you?  I can’t see anything.

Don’t shush me!  I’m fucking blind!  Help me.  Who are you?

How many of you are there?  Can you see?

What?!  What the fuck is this!?  Who are you!?  Who did this!?  Where are we!?

How can you not fucking know!?

Help!!  Help!!

Don’t touch me!  Help!!  Who are you!?  Tell me or I’ll scream even louder!!

Oh, God, oh, God!

I don’t believe you.

How can you not know?

I was…

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