The most pernicious myth about American Indians is that they are vanishing. While many Native American cultures have, alas, been obliterated, many have survived.

The Bow Leaders have served Yaqui communities for centuries as a military society.  Nowadays the society’s main function is a religious duty.

The singer accompanies himself with a drum. There is a sounding hole in the rim of the drum, and traditionally the singer sings into that hole.

– From “Coyote Songs”
by Larry Evers and Felipe S. Molina



I am Refugio Savala, returned from college in Arizona to my Yaqui village in Mexico.  I wanted to form a Coyote Singer Bow Leaders group.  I played my song for my friends.  I sang into my ceremony drum:


Ignacio Lucero was called a coyote,
You would not see him pass,
Beneath the evening star,
He knew the secret trails,
He lead people north,

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