The weather was hot but this was hotter.

        Their 15-year old daughter Cilicia taunted me, “Bad milk makes bad cheese.”

        Cilicia had always taunted me with that in my foster-home bedroom.  I was eleven.  This time I had just fucked her.

        My real Dad was in the Sticks County Salvation Army rehab.  He went crazy on crack.  I had seen Dad stealing money from Mom’s purse and I ratted on him.  He yelled and threatened me.  I fell down to the floor crying like a pussy.  Mom stood over me and Dad hit her.

        Dad couldn’t see me anymore and then they took me away from Mom because she let this shit happen.  They called her a co-dependent enabler.

        They put me in this foster home.  Mr. and Mrs. Giveashit (Gavochette) were religious but OK.  Mr. Giveashit was always exhausted and…

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