Look around

It is all a flux of chemicals upon the face of the earth

Like acne

Everything arises and demises

Nature is vain

Changing her attire every moment

For whom?

For what mirror?

For awhile we spin

Like the red spot on Jupiter 

Then we land on the dark side of the moon

Did we have to invent explanations?

How diabolical

Curiosity drove the cat beneath your wheels

If you give up explanations then what do you give up?


God doesn’t play dice

He hands the dice to us and takes our bets

The house always wins

The house designs the odds in its own favor

No dice, pal

We are here for sorrow

Then what can we make of sorrow?


It too leads to sorrow, you learn

But in compassion we become greater than any deranged god corrupted by ultimate power

And so we are sentenced…

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