angelic position

        In Third Heaven where the River of Milk meets the Land of Honey grows the Tree of Knowledge.

Eve gently hoes the soil around the roots of the Tree of Knowledge.  Adam waters the Tree of Knowledge with wine.

Hidden behind the Unburnt Bush is Azrael, the Archangel of Death.  He spies upon Eve and Adam.

Azrael is startled suddenly as the Serpent appears beside him.

Azrael warns the Serpent, “I’ve told you for aeons not to do that!”

The Serpent asks Azrael, “Business slow?  Why are you watching those two miscreants?”

Azrael looks back at Eve and Adam and asks the Serpent, “Why does Big Joe need day-laborers like them to tend the Tree of Knowledge?”

The Serpent asks Azrael, “Where is Big Joe anyway?”

Azrael replies, “It’s the Seventh Day. He has a time-share in First Heaven with Lucifer.  You can imagine the gossip about that!”

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