VOX CANINA: the dog’s tale


dog's tale

VOX CANINA: the dog’s tale

        “Rrrr,” I am the Voice of Dog.

        My Master, Abbot Audenarde, becomes detached from the monastery and my life.  He digresses into death, vanishing, cut-off, concealed.  Dirt gulps him down.

        Abundant missing overflows.

        “Rrrr-Oooo,” to use abusive language and to inflame fierce bitterness.

        There follows a gloomy Mass to find pleasure in such a taking-away.

        Bearing affliction, discouraged, I adhere.  Adapt.

        “Rrrr-Oooo,” I accuse.

        At any time, please, someone else nourish, cherish me as did Master, Abbot Audenarde.  Commit to be near.  I would be indebted to receive a claim.

        The fawning young Monk Brabant is kindled to come and reach toward me.  He is ill with a constricted heart, scarcely brazen with favorable atmosphere.

        The summer tide of heat is without end.  Monk Brabant farms his acre field, a vineyard planted with trees.  He…

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