ALLEY CATS - 2- 8-alley-cats-dante-breakfast-in-bed-ornamental-table-top-figurine

 From the Alley Cats Collection Item #C5236 Designed by Artist Margaret Le Van Dominguez


        Morning twilight uncovers the hamlet of Selsbourg, France.  In an alleyway a white tomcat slinks up to a narrow window in a basement apartment.  A white dove alights beside him.  The tomcat and the dove both peer into the window.  There is light.  The faces of two elderly women appear from inside, animated with delight.  The narrow window is pushed open and the tomcat and the dove enter the basement apartment.

        Once inside the little apartment the tomcat stands on his hind legs and becomes six feet tall.  He now wears black satin pajama bottoms and a black satin pajama shirt that is unbuttoned rakishly.  The white dove perches on his shoulder.

        The two elderly women giggle like children.  They both wear fleece pajamas and sit down…

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