get lucky


        The young black man strode up to a checkout counter in the local Target discount retailer.  There were twenty checkout counter aisles but only four were open and all the lines were long and progressing slowly.  He had arrived at the checkout line empty-handed but he quickly grabbed a soda and some chips from the impulse-item racks.  He stood behind the tall slender young Asian-American woman.

        The young man studied the woman’s shapely bare legs, her short cut-off stylishly-tattered jeans, her bare pale midriff, her clingy lace-trimmed tank-top, and her avant-garde bob hair style.

        He slowly shook his head and licked his lips.

        Then, the couple ahead of the woman excused themselves and backed their full cart out to move to another line.  The young man and the young woman stood side-by-side to let them pass.  The man stared at her face and smiled…

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