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        I am Ken Wu.  You have read about me.  I am chief scientist at ImmunoGen.  We develop targeted anticancer therapeutics.  I helped to develop our proprietary Targeted Antibody Payload (TAB) technology.  We have several products awaiting approval.

        I have learned that I have an incurable brain tumor.  Should I laugh or should I cry?

        I am twenty-three years old.  I never stopped working hard.  I have no wife.  I have no girlfriend.  My mother frets.  But I have so many plans, so many plans.

        When men speak of the future, the gods laugh.

        I fainted in the laboratory this afternoon.  That is how I come to know that I have a brain tumor.  I am not allowed to work in my own laboratory until I am cured.

        It is incurable I am told.

        Shed no tears until seeing the…

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