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Chapter 4 – The Outlaw Honey Moses and



          Honey Moses wore Rex Ramsey’s hat as she rehearsed her best ‘Kate Grody’ act.  Rex Ramsey sat watching her from the edge of the bed and he wore only his wrinkled shirt.  Honey listened as Rex told her about the upcoming removal of everyone’s money from the Passover Bank.  “They’ve hired The Dunbar, Austin, & Taylor Security Company to move the money back East.”

          Honey stopped twirling the braided leather reata, “Weren’t those the names of your deputy Marshals?  The ones that betrayed you?”

          “The same.  They quit as dishonorable deputy U. S. Marshals and went together into the protection business.  It adds up.”

          “Yeah.  ‘Former U. S. Marshals’ should sell real good.”

          “Now they’re calling themselves ‘Range Detectives’ but I’ve heard they’ve done hired killing.  Honey, I know these bastards.  They’re vicious.  Taking that money would be like stealing a cub from a mama grizzly.  It’s too dangerous.”

          Honey Moses slung the reata over Rex Ramsey’s shoulders and her gold eyes shined in contemplation.  Honey finally spoke, “You know these men, right?”

          “I am sorry to say that I do.”

          “Could you figure a way to get hired by them?”

          Rex Ramsey was startled.  “What are you talking about?”

          “Could you cozy your way into getting hired, or do they hate you?”

          Rex grimaced, “They think I’m a spittoon, all shiny and letting myself get used.”

          “What if you ‘saw the light’ and wanted to join their business?  They know you got good instincts, right?”

          “I just wouldn’t fit in.  Why would they need me?”

          “You got a reputation as a tracker and a shooter, even if you aren’t a killer.  They might just figure you’d bring in more business,” Honey knelt between Rex Ramsey’s legs and purred, “It sure wouldn’t hurt to bring it up, now would it?”

          Rex shuddered as he let Honey have her way.  Later he was asleep dreaming, dreaming of Paradise, maybe.  But The Dunbar, Austin, & Taylor Security Company was there in the back of his mind, coiled around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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