Panji had a wish.

        Panji turned on the gas stove, he turned on the gas room-heater, but not a single one of the pilot lights was burning.

        Panji had cleaned and organized his room, putting shirts and pants that he no longer wanted into an old suitcase to give away to the Indian Charity.

        He had a wish, Panji did.

        Panji had put on an old music album.  He had selected the third song.  He stood by the music player and sang I Found Out.  When the song was over Panji turned off the music player.  Panji turned on the radio, dialing past all the stations, cursing and ridiculing them.

        A Public Service Announcement:  free organic fertilizer will be given away by Circus Vargas.  Just show up with a shovel and a truck, behind the performance areas, and you can take all you want.

        Panji thought of his only wish.

        Panji then drank another cup of tea, standing face to face with the Big Screen TV.  Popeye and Religion and Basketball.  This might not be a good day to die.

        Panji tried not to think of his wish.

        Panji straightened-up the couch cushions whereupon he would sleep.

        Panji went to the refrigerator.  The freezer section was so iced-up that the door wouldn’t close tightly and water was dripping and pooling on the kitchen floor.  Panji took out a piece of cake.  He returned to the couch and he reclined.

        The Temple bells outside clanged noon.

        Panji now was having trouble remembering his single wish.

        The gas from the stove and the heater was filling Panji’s brain.  It made him a little numb.  Very relaxed.  He started not to care about his problems, one, by one, by one.  As they fell away in his mind he began to see a shape… a pattern… that was also a feeling… a feeling very deep and very…Panji knew that he was about to understand something important.

        Then all at once, in a clear bath of innocence, the solution was revealed, the answer to his wish was granted.  The knowledge clicked in his brain and there it made a little spark.

        The little spark set-off the gas permeating his brain.  The explosion ripped through his mind, out into the room air, down the gas pipes, out under the street.  The blast and fire destroyed an entire block on both sides of the street.

        Panji’s wish now wafted in the wind, miles away, waiting to be breathed by her.






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