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Chapter 2 – The Outlaw Honey Moses and



          Honey Moses left her room while former U.S. Marshal Rex Ramsey was still pulling on his boots and thinking about her plan for the bank in Passover.  She went down the hallway of the Whisper Glory and gave the secret knock to Kate Grody’s door.

          The door opened an eye’s-width and there stood Kate Grody, tall, big-boned and handsome, with her full curly blond hair hanging down to her belly.  She was naked except for a cowboy hat and boots with spurs.  Between Kate’s legs Honey Moses could see a man behind Kate on the floor on his side with his back toward her, tied up like a calf ready for branding and glistening in sweat.  Honey recognized the back of the Mayor’s head.  Kate’s men – and women – mostly liked it rough.  When business was slow she took care of us girls too.

          “Hi there, Missy Moses,” smiled Kate Grody.  She looked at Honey questioningly.

          “We need to talk when you’re done, Kate.”

          “Sure enough,” and the door closed again.  Honey shook her head.

          Kate Grody had come to Bad Weather from Chicago where we heard she had short hair and wore men’s clothing.  She worked at the slaughter houses.  The story is that one night while she was cleaning up, two men who figured out what she was attacked her.  She killed them both with a knife and then sawed them in half and hung their bodies up like sides of beef.  We figure Kate Grody isn’t her real name.

          Honey Moses figured she could use a woman like Kate Grody in her plan for the bank in Passover.

chapter 2 kate







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