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Chapter 1 – The Outlaw Honey Moses and



          Honey Moses sat on the foot of the big iron bed and watched Rex Ramsey pull up his pants.  She took a swig from her bottle of whiskey and swished it around in her mouth.  Rex’s manhood must have been pickling in sweat and dust since he left the town of Passover.  She took a bigger swig.

          Honey Moses looked to be about twenty years old.  She could not remember even to this day exactly how old she was.  Thirteen years ago, 1876, the year Custer died, she had mysteriously appeared, walking into the end of town during a wicked dust storm, stumbling, crying and blinded.  Former U.S. Marshal Rex Ramsey had miraculously spotted her.  She was delirious, speaking in tongues almost.  Rex Ramsey figured she got separated from her family’s wagon when they tried to hunker-down in that wicked dust storm.  Lots of families head past here going west.  The only reason that anyone in their right mind would veer off to this town is to hide from bad weather.  That’s how this town got the name of Bad Weather.  People come and go hiding from trouble.  We never did find her family.

          Rex had brung her to us women in the Whisper Glory.  We cleaned her up.  She stayed here.  We figured it was the yellow dust that had tattooed her eyes gold.  It made her look wild, like a wolf.  All us just called her “Honey”, so that stuck.  Then, when she never could recall her surname again, Rex Ramsey joked that we should call her “Moses” because she had been “wandering in the desert”.  So that stuck.  She was now Honey Moses.

          So, while Rex Ramsey buttoned up his pants, Honey Moses picked up his gun belt from the floor at the foot of the big iron bed where he dropped it when she “held him up”.

          Honey withdrew the revolver from the holster and felt herself steam again.  She stroked the hard precision metal with her fingertips and smelled the oil and then aimed at the crucifix on the opposite wall.  She wanted to put Jesus out of our misery.

          “If you want to hit a man in the heart, aim for his crotch”, she observed.  “So, when you taking me shooting again?” she asked sweetly.

          “Whenever you take me shooting,” he laughed.

          Honey lowered the pistol thoughtfully, “Tell me again about the bank in Passover.”

          Rex was suddenly sober, “They said my money wasn’t there.  The bank had speculated on the land rush with all the other banks and something went bad.  I know my money is still there.  I told Mr. Goldspan to open the vault and I’d show him my money.  He tried to tell me that the money wasn’t really there and that a wagon was coming to take it all back East.  Figure that one out.”

          Honey sighted down the pistol again, “I figure the bank is robbing you.”

          “I suppose.”

          “And I suppose that this is what we can do about it.  Listen,” and so the innocent Honey Moses talked former U.S. Marshal Rex Ramsey down the path to becoming The Outlaw Honey Moses.

chapter 1 dust storm







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