The Brooklyn neighborhood was old and it was cozy.

        The sports car pulled over and parked.

        Two teenagers sat together in the passenger seat and one teenager sat in the driver seat.

        Giulietta drives.

        Giulietta was old enough to have a driver’s license.

        Giulietta’s best friends Chuck and Andrea share the passenger seat.

        Giulietta, Chuck, and Andrea had grown young friends together in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

        Giulietta’s family has had the classic Alfa Romeo.  The family has owned the Alfa Romeo since the ‘50s.

        Giulietta drives it now.

        Giulietta said, “I’m meeting my mom.  Mom’s new girlfriend Gina is leaving us have the day together.”

        Chuck said, “I’m saying good-bye to your little sister Maria.”

        Andrea said to Giulietta and Chuck, “I will stay and watch the Alfa Romeo.”

        Giulietta walks away with Mom who is waiting.

        Chuck walks to little sister Maria’s apartment.  Little sister Maria lives there with Father’s apartment still.

        Chuck didn’t say much to her Father.

        Chuck and little Maria left the apartment.

        Chuck surprised little Maria with eight foot Lily flowers.  Chuck tickled little Maria and made her laugh.

        Chuck and little Maria walked together along the shops in the neighborhood.

        Giulietta later the afternoon says good-bye to Mom.

        Giulietta then waved to Mom’s girlfriend Gina who was waiting down the street for Mom to join.

        Chuck had said good-bye to little sister Maria.

        Giulietta met up Chuck.

        Giulietta asked Chuck, “Will you ever see my little sister Maria?”

        Chuck said, “Not when you’re gone.  It won’t be right when you’re gone.  Who knows if it might be years.”

        Andrea spoke up to Giulietta and Chuck coming back, “Why do we have to change?”

        Giulietta said, “We have to.”

        Andrea pleaded to Giulietta and Chuck again, “Why do we change?”

        Chuck said, “We have to be brave.  Just be thanks.  That’s life.  Giulietta is leaving to go the West Coast.”

        Giulietta said, “I have to go.”

        Chuck said, “Well… Maybe again, some day…”

        Chuck suddenly walked away, waving bye.

        Giulietta stayed behind with Andrea pretending to do things until the twilight.

        Then there was time no more to leave.

        Giulietta held Andrea tears.

        Andrea cried out, “What is happening to us?  What is happening?”

        Giulietta held Andrea tears.

        There was no more.






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