SERVANT OF THE SCORPION – Chapter 14 – Fire is Born

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SERVANT OF THE SCORPION – Chapter 14 – Fire is Born


            I looked over at the decorative carved blocks hanging on the wall.  I knew now that they were Arturo’s copies of Mayan hieroglyphs.  One was a depiction of a lizard standing on its tail next to what looked like an undulating snake.  I knew without effort that it signified “Fire is Born”.

            I heard myself think “What is happening to me?” and then I turned to Arturo.  Arturo’s skin was glowing with a blue-white light.  He turned his head toward me.  His eyes were no longer ethereal pink; they were yellow and cold like the eyes of a jaguar.  Something was urging me to become hysterical but I didn’t.  I had a vision of a tiny worm writhing under a pin.  I heard myself think “That is where I placed my fear.”

            Arturo was thinking, “I need your help.  Watch what I am doing and do not turn away.”  Arturo then appeared to plunge his big hands into Garra’s chest.  There was no blood, just a ripple in Garra’s skin.  I started to laugh because it looked like Arturo was washing his hands.  I heard Arturo think “Don’t be a dumbass” and I became silent.  Arturo removed his hands without blood and began to move his fingers into Garra’s face as if molding clay.

            Arturo finally stopped and stood back.  Garra began to snore.  I was suddenly exhausted so I got off the chair, curled up like a dog on the floor and fell asleep.






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