wife is hot


        I am racing away down this highway like a meteor.  Christ, I’m doing eighty-five in this old truck.  The wind is whipping my hair into my eyes.  The hills all around me are as black as a Bible and turning slowly past me.  But the dome of this night sky scintillates without changing.

        Whoa!  A meteor!  I saw a meteor!  Wow, it just scratched across half the night sky!  I swear I could see red and yellow when it finally burst.  A meteor is just dust just rolling through this universe in solitude for a million years.  Then, by chance, it is attracted to earth where it scrapes itself into a rainbow vapor against the deceiving atmosphere.

        I call myself a writer.  If I couldn’t call myself a writer I’d have to blow my brains out.

        When I was twelve…

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