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        Dawn flares at the edge of Dawsville County.

        I am Cheyenne Daw, thirteen years old.

        My Plymouth Road Runner Hemi’s 425-horsepower, 426-cubic-inch Hemi V-8 engine rumbles, screams, and roars. She makes my panties wet.

        Marmosette is what I call her. I dunno, I heard the name somewhere’s an’ I liked it. She used to be my brother Dalton’s car but he died in Afghanistan. He wanted me to have her if anything happened to him.

        My grandparents call Dalton my “late brother” but he ain’t late, he’s early. To heaven.

        My grandparents call me Arrow Head ‘cause I go straight for what I want. I’m thirteen but with enough make-up I can tell people I’m nineteen.

        My parents divorced before I was born.

        My dad is a drunk and he beats me.

        My mom is in jail.

        I was stayin’ with my grandparents. Well, was just ain’t no more.

        I’m a runaway. Or maybe I should say a “drive away”, me and Marmosette.

        I got near six-hundred dollars cash money. I sidled up next to this old pervert at the gas station and I took his wallet. I’m too smart to use his credit cards even though that old pervert wrote his passwords on the back of his credit cards. They take pictures of everyone at the ATMs. They can trace me, I seen it on TV. Shit, I don’t even have a cellphone. They’s got a Jeepy S and I ain’t lettin’ no Satellite follow me.

        I know all the roads in Dawsville County. I just gotta watch out for Sheriff Arvin Biggs. He can’t catch Marmosette but he might block her and me at some crossroad.

        I ain’t wastin’ money on no hotel, neither. I got a blanket and a pillow in the backseat. I can take a bath in any of a dozen creeks that I know of around here. Besides, how many times you heard where some fugitive is caught sleepin’ in some hotel where someone ratted ‘em out?

        I got my grandpa’s new shotgun in the backseat, too. He showed me how to use her, you better believe.

        I ain’t never goin’ back.

        Oh, shit. That’s a helly-copter comin’ this way.

        I’m slowin’ down lah-dee-dah.

        My 425-horsepower, 426-cubic-inch Hemi V-8 engine rumbles, leashed at the speed limit now.

        It’s sure a police helly-copter.

        Still comin’ right my way. Take ‘er easy, Arrow Head. Oh, shit. They’s two news helly-copters behind him.

        Damn. They’s no way… They must’a been lookin’ for Marmosette from the air ‘cause they can’t catch her.

        Even so, how’re they gonna catch Marmosette and me?

        I’ll tell ya how: they’ll drive us into a ambush like drivin’ deer, that’s how.

        Oh, shit. There’s a rifleman leanin’ out of the police helly-copter. He’s gonna shoot me!?

        Oh, shit, mercy, no. He’s gonna shoot Marmosette. No.

        Is he really gonna shoot at a innocent young girl with the news helly-copters watchin’?

        My grandpa’s new shotgun ain’t no use here.

        I suddenly stomp on the gas and Marmosette’s 425-horsepower, 426-cubic-inch Hemi V-8 engine rumbles, screams, and roars.

        But right then Marmosette is shot!

        Her tire blows!!

        I’m loosin’ control!!!


Oh, Cheyenne, OK, honey, there you are. Why are you settin’ in your brother’s car? Grandma and Grandpa ain’t seen you all day. Come on in and get ready, honey. Your father’s congregation is honoring your brother in one hour. Don’t make him late.






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