in my blood 2


        The curtain opens.

        It is night in the streets of the Barahona Coast in the Dominican Republic.  Outside the Empalizada dance club a young girl sits on the curb under a pale streetlight.  She is disheveled and bloody.  She looks up and speaks.

        Me name is Yuisa.  Yes, she is Taino Indian name.  Yndios is in me blood.

        You are a nice policeman to help me.

        I be OK.

        I walk home.

        I live with me uncle Guamá.  Yes, he is Taino Indian name.  He is fisherman.

        Yes, I live with me uncle.

        When I be a little girl me family is poor so they give me to a rich family.  I suppose to clean they house.  They suppose to feed me and clothe me and educate me.  But they beat me.  They make me sleep in box. …

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