Once upon a dawn in The Kingdom of Belgium on a little farm there was an old farmer who went to his chicken coop to collect the eggs that he had counted the night before.

        When old farmer Boer raised up his lantern he realized that the chickens were gone and that there were no eggs.  He cried out, “Fok!”

        Old farmer Boer’s hound dog Kloot heard the distress and loped into the chicken coop.

        Old Boer cried, “Kloot!  Where are the chickens?  There were fifty eggs here!  You were guarding them

        Kloot looked up at his master’s face and then his gaze followed his master’s dicing hand and Kloot whined, “Rrr?”

        Old Boer began to dance with disbelief, crying, “My chickens!  My eggs!”

        Kloot followed the casting gestures of his master’s hand and began to…

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