Hi, I’m a stranger in a familiar land

I wasn’t one of them

I’m not one of you

It’s all in our minds isn’t it?

Money, country, love

Hate seems real, but it isn’t

Death is real, right?

I hear no objections, no contradictions from any dead people

I understand why cultures have worshipped Death

You can count on Death

Everything else is in your mind

Will everything else let you down, betray your trust, and make a fool of you?

Why then should I care?

Who the fuck Adam I?

Sorry, Freudian slip,

Who the fuck I AM?

Sorry, fatigue

Who the fuck is I?

I am waiting for my taxes to be done, on earth as they are in Heaven, in your mind

Devoutly to be wished

What’s that they’re saying now?

“The Server is down”?  Holy Jesus, what the Hell’s next?

I guess I’ll…

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