rainy windshield 1


Jo Raye, me, and Fasola Tito are sitting together in my parked truck.  Fasola sits between Jo and me on the bench seat.  Fasola wears a skirt.  Jo smokes a clove cigarette.

It is raining gently but we are warm.  Lady Gaga is singing You and I on the radio, FM 104.3.  Fasola sings along, “…it’s my daddy, Nebraska, and Jesus Christ.”  Fasola is Jo’s Google+ friend from Macedonia, a part of the former Yugoslavia.

I hook my right hand over Fasola’s inner thigh.  Jo hooks her left hand over Fasola’s inner thigh.

Fasola gently lays her hands over our intimate fingers.  She keeps singing and she keeps looking ahead at the big raindrops dashing themselves into silver mandalas against the windshield.

When You and I finishes playing, I reach to the dashboard with my left hand.  I turn the radio to FM…

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