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        A little skunk lived all alone in the meadow.

        The meadow was home to several families of rabbits but the little skunk lived all alone.

        The meadow was surrounded by housing developments.

        Along the border of the meadow was Coyote Hills Drive.

        Sometimes a coyote stalked the meadow and sometimes the coyote brought to the meadow a cat or a small dog that he had snatched from a backyard in the housing developments.

        The little skunk’s home was in the rain drainage tunnel passing down through the embankment from one of the housing developments.

        The meadow knew infrequent rain and many sunny days.

        In the morning twilight the little skunk would roam in the meadow and sometimes he would travel on the sidewalk along Coyote Hills Drive.

        Sometimes in the morning twilight the little skunk would see a man walking his three dogs. The three dogs would notice the little skunk and they would whine and pull on their leashes yearning to run to the little skunk. The little skunk then would raise his tail straight up and scurry away sweating pungent scent that would fill the meadow and would reach the housing development.

        The man who walked his three dogs in the morning twilight liked animals and so he named the little skunk “Niño”.

        Of course Niño did not know about that name given to him by the man who walked with the three dogs in the morning twilight. The little skunk knew himself as I Am.

        Then there came a winter bearing much rain.

        The meadow flooded and Niño’s home in the rain drainage tunnel was washed out.

        Niño had to flee into the housing development. He was now homeless and had to scurry from one house to another all day and all night, persecuted by people and chased by their dogs.

        People made perfume from skunk glands but they did not want an actual skunk living near them.

        Dogs were intrigued by skunks but they played too roughly and it never ended well.

        One morning in the twilight between rainstorms the man was walking his three dogs. They all recognized the pungent scent belonging to Niño.

        As the man and his three dogs crossed Coyote Hills Drive to the meadow they all noticed something in the road.

        It was Niño.

        Niño was dead. He had been run over by a car traveling along Coyote Hills Drive.

        The man became very sad and he felt helpless. He could only hope Niño’s death had been a quick careless accident and not a lingering intentional cruelty.

        The man and his three dogs returned to their home in the housing development. The man then heated three frozen pot pies for his three surprised dogs.

        After all, guests must be fed at a wake.

        The man then sat down and wrote this eulogy.






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