Goodies On Demand


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Goodies On Demand

I’m an old piece of coal and this is my fire.

— Reverend Ashlar Jobling

          As a boy I attended Shaddai Vineyards Private Elementary School.  It was a Christian school but anyone with enough money could matriculate.  Did you know that the root of the word “matriculate” was the Latin word “mater”, a word for “breeding female”?  That was told to me by Ruth.

          Ruth, Judith, and Jonah were my best friends at Vineyard.

          My name is Ashlar Jobling.

          Ruth also told me that “Shaddai” meant “The Destroyer”, and “The Self-Sufficient”, and even “The Source of Food for Babies”.  To tell the truth I really didn’t know about all that.  Ruth was always talking to me about descendants and lineage and progeny and marriage.

          Anyway, we had just taken a math test and it was time for lunch.  I saw Beal Perdison, my nemesis…

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