1)       ADOLPH MEISTERMANN (Carl Reiner Writers’ Contest Entry)

2)       THE END OF THE HOUR (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

3)       THE BAD BOY BLUES (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

4)       LAUGH THROUGH TEARS AGAINST HIS WILL (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

5)       GOD COUNTS HER TEARS (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

Chapter O


        Adolph’s visage dissolved for weeks afterward in molten tears and when the magma of anguish finally hardened it had become a terrifyingly indifferent death mask.  This mask now blockaded Adolph’s feelings except toward those who had been with him when his Shifra, the purpose of his life, and their baby together, the meaning of their love, had all died together.

        From behind this mask Adolph now witnessed the God-given world as if it were a swarm of insects.  He detached himself like a child pulling wings off of an innocent fly.

        Young Mathew…

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