counts her tears


1)       ADOLPH MEISTERMANN (Carl Reiner Writers’ Contest Entry)

2)       THE END OF THE HOUR (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

3)       THE BAD BOY BLUES (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

4)       LAUGH THROUGH TEARS AGAINST HIS WILL (excerpt from Adolph Meistermann)

Chapter K


        Shelly Kisherman looked up at Adolph and said to him with invincible assurance, “I am pregnant.”

        Only a moment before, Adolph had found Shelly sitting underneath the apple tree in the campus Old Quad reading a book.  Adolph then had approached her on a direct course, like a torpedo, armed for his self-righteous explosion that would rip apart the tissue of their relationship the way Shelly had ripped apart his letters from Shifra.

        Adolph had ignited, hissing down upon her, “Shelly, you fucking bitch…,” but Shelly had raised her face and Adolph had thought to himself, “like a fucking Buddha,” and…

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