LUCIOLE_firefly 6



            God is woman with mysterious ways and a vindictive nature.  She has laden me with more than I can bear although I have loved Her.  I have hated Her as well but She doesn’t care as long as I believe in Her.

            How can I punish God?

            I heard a whisper that told me, “There were other gods before Her.  Those gods were punished by ceasing to believe in them.”

            It is said that The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away.

            Well, so do I.

            That voice then whispers, “Hell is separation from God.  You will be in Hell.”

            Yes?  How will I know the difference?


Alain Groudie, The Möbius Effect


        Sergeant Luciole Klein stared into the metal mirror that she had withdrawn from her pack.

        That mirror now held one of the few…

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