kissing her kowbell 2



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        When I got to my gate I saw Uncle Garrett standing on the porch like he was waiting for me.  I stopped with my hand on the gate.  I was breathing hard.

        Uncle Garret asked me, “You gonna grow old there?”

        Nothing was different but everything had changed.

        Uncle Garrett made a grab at some bug flying around his face and then he said, “I’m sorry, Buck.  I warned you:  affections are tricky varmints.  Do you understand? ”

        I said with a shaky lip, “Everything’s changed.”

        Uncle Garrett sounded hurt when he said, “I haven’t changed toward you, Buck.  You must know that.”

        I said thoughtlessly, “Grandma always said you were headed for trouble.”

        Uncle Garrett looked down and said, “I know.  And she was right,” and then he looked up at…

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