Chapitre IV ~ CHANSON (Song)

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When Magge has been whipped so cruelly for my insolence I have no one to turn toward.  The Doctor and my three sisters have placed Magge’s mutilated body upon my bed.  I cannot face myself as the perpetrator of her suffering so I flee from my chambers.  I find myself fallen in the stables where I cry.  My tears mix hideously with Magge’s blood on my face and the bloody ~ 6 ~ that I have carved under my eye for the six blows of The Demon’s Tail that Magge has borne in my stead.

          Suddenly there is a snorting sound beside me.  It is Chanson my beloved horse.  He has broken free and he has come to me.  He stamps his foot.  He is upset because he has seen that I am crying blood.

I cry saying ~ Oh, my Chanson, I have brought terrible suffering upon someone that we both love. ~

He lowers his head and he nuzzles me but he is afraid.  He doesn’t understand so he breathes rapidly.  I gesture saying ~ I have caused the whip, the Demon’s Tail, to fall upon poor Magge. ~

Chanson bares his teeth and he rears snorting.  He remembers the whip.  He bucks several times and then returns and he nuzzles me.

I cry hard saying ~ Find me forgiveness, Chanson, find me forgiveness! ~

Chanson leans hard against my cheek and he rubs up and down.  My God, there are tears falling upon me from his eye!






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