Chapitre I ~ Journées Indésirables (Undesirable Days)

giselle 101415a - 3x resize~


     chapter 1 whisper- crop1      am called Giselle, fourth daughter of the undisputed King of France.  Of age I am fifteen years.  This day I am pledged in marriage to Hrolf, The Walker.  Rather would I journey directly from my window down onto the stones of the courtyard far below.

        Magge is my nurse and my tutor, my confidant, and to me she is as a mother.  For my birth-mother, the Queen, conjoins the King, my father, only in ambition.  Magge teaches me to read Holy Scripture.  Secretly she teaches me to write.  She teaches me the Secret Places of women so that I might instruct a husband.

        This day Magge weeps.  She tells me that Hrolf is called The Walker because he is a warrior so immense that some horses cannot carry him.  She weeps that he will split me like a log.

        Magge’s tears fall upon my bare neck.  She embraces me and kisses where her tears are fallen.  She fears to soil my dressing gown so gently she slides it from my shoulders.  She grasps under my arms to guide the gay cotton slowly over my breasts.  Her thumbs pause at my nipples and there she bows forward and she fastens her lips so soft and warm and moist.  I tremble as always I do.  Her gentle hands guide my dressing gown down from under my breasts to below my purse.  My dressing gown therefrom descends in a halo around my bare feet.  She opens my purse with caressing thumbs.  She kneels down before me and kisses my open purse and reaches inside with her tongue to polish my sacred pearls.

        I swoon onto the bed dancing for Saint Vitus.






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