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        I am Melissa.

        I am this many years old.

        Today is Daddy’s Day.

        I made my Daddy this doll house just for him.

        My Daddy is sad.

        My Mommy is at the hopstable.

        Daddy says that Mommy is talking with the Angels.

        Daddy says Mommy might go to live with them.

        I don’t want Mommy to go live with the Angels.

        I asked Daddy if the Angels can live with us.

        My Daddy cried.

        He said an Angel already lives with us and he kissed me.

        But I made Daddy’s Doll House so the Angels can live in it.

        Then they can talk to Mommy every day.

        My Mommy and my Daddy used to play with my doll house on my bed with me.

        Now just my Daddy plays with me.

        But he doesn’t play very long.

        My Daddy gets tired and he sleeps on the floor right there by my bed.

        When it is dark I hear my Daddy whisper to the Angels.

        He says, “Please.  Please.”

        I don’t hear the Angels.

        See Daddy’s Doll House?

        This is the Mommy and she is up in the room where we can’t go and she can talk to the Angels.

        This is the Daddy and he is in the kitchen.

        This is me.

        This Daddy is making me cereal.

        He is talking on his phone.

        The Grandma wants to come.

        This Grandma is the Mommy’s Mommy.

        The Daddy says he won’t go to work until the Mommy is finished talking to the Angels.

        Then the Grandpa says he is coming too.

        The Grandma wants to talk to me.

        She just says, Melissa, Melissa.

        So I just say, “I am making a house for the Angels so Mommy can stay here.”

        But she is crying and she just says, Melissa, Melissa.

        This Daddy is so sad.

        He misses the Mommy.

        He is down on the floor and he is looking.

        And now he says, Where is God?

        He can’t find the God.

        Get up, sad Daddy.

        This Grandma tells him, God is not in the dust.

        Do you want to play, too?

        You can be the God, OK?

        You can say, I am right here, sad Daddy, OK?


        My Daddy is shouting.

        He is talking on his phone.

        Grandma is shouting.

        Grandpa is shouting.

        My Daddy is leaving!

        Wait, Daddy, wait!

        My Grandma is calling me to come, hurry.

        I need to go now.

        Bye, Jesus.






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