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          Your period was late.

          You said, “Better late than never”?

          Well, here I am now in Never-Never-Land!

          To have been, or better never to have been, that is the question.

          What am I doing here?  This is outrageous!  Damn right I don’t stop crying.

          How is this better than nothing?  Couldn’t you control yourselves?  What were you thinking?  Are your lives so wonderful that you just had to “share” with me?

          Yeah, I didn’t think so.

          Am I supposed to make your lives better now?  I AM COLD, HUNGRY, NAKED and WET!  Not a good start here.  And no good end in sight for any of us.

          Pleasure?  Don’t you get it?  If I suck on that nipple it will be “pleasure” only because I am painfully hungry!  Pleasure is satisfying a need.  A need is weakness!  A need causes pain.  Pleasure is the absence of pain.  What have we gained here?

          I was a Dream.

          I had to grow arms in your sea of troubles.  You put me through the thousand natural shocks to expel me here!  What could I possibly have done to you to deserve this?

          I despise your “Love”.

          This is the ultimate calamity, to become a farting fardel, my ass impaled upon a bare bodkin by this Obstetrician!

          I was a Dream!  I was a Quietus!  I roamed freely that undiscovered Country from which we are all born and to which I devoutly wish to return at once, without the Law’s delay!

          Damn it, Thinking has begun to sickle over my Spirit and I grow afraid to return.  I cry on in new found fear, with exasperation that my current is turned so awry.  I am remembering all my sins.  It is already a weary life.  A grunt and sweat under mortal coils.

          Doctor Orison is handing me back to you.  Do you think you can quell my pitch and moment, giving me pause by rubbing that in my mouth?

          That unworthy Flesh?

          This big.



          Oh.  Mo-ther.  Of.  God.  What.  Dreams.  May.  Come.






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