Wind and Cloud and Ice
And Man who is the Fire
Claim the mountain top

Cock’s pride chortles forth
Dawning on humble mice
Cobwebs encompass windows
In gray doors peeling red

Morning ragtime worm
Cut cut orchard
Hot thick apples
Leaning trees
Amber apples
Savage love bites
Pollen weary bees

My head clock really buzzed
Wanting that gin whack
Suddenly sucking back
Lonesome blood
I asked love
To end me

Dark shore beckoning
Across brandy dreams
Desire whispers
In craters of anguish
Lanterns flicker
In abandoned white ships

Midnight deeds aroused the cherubs
Burdens churned unspoken sleep
My echoes forgot
Daytime devils dream my soul

Old bones restrain
False needs of love
Lords of vanity beckon
Deeds into stone
Ignorance proud within
Bonds old bones

Speech crashes my throat
Sober acid words
Guide my love up
Out the hot blue veil
Of half-digested empty skies

I myself thin soil
I am willing orchids
I am armored

Quivering faces
Half-closed eyes waltz
Innocent birds
Clutching wrinkled
Frail cane hands

Wrinkles slicing bony pate
Pleated gnarly rind
Eyes shuffling decades faint
Mortality’s past my
Suspender stoop
Sneakers wade molasses

Jackhammer testimony
Shakes aching man
Toward another
Sucking razor ledge
Above nature’s marathon
Perched women poised
Pushed back

You will laugh through blue smoke hues
I found a memory unused
We spoke promises not truths
Consistency unchallenged

Are you what you see?
Can you touch a reflection?
Who is listening?

Dull eyes toil
Down 50 women
Each born tourists
Hands preach plans
Tight jeans’ walk
Gyrates talk
Delicious designer illiterates

Hot arrows out eyes
Poked desire smothered
Smile weak worse advised
Silky tongue mothered
Lady summoned me
Sip poisoned tea

Tempting apples
On her hot kitchen table
Plunging teeth try to bite
Into her perfection
Bursting juice
I enter

Moon touching silky curves
Tingling floats soft fire
Stars crashing hot nerves
Strike long long desire
Beyond sane

Sitting sucking caramel
Rolling dewdrops on her tongue
Bittersweet baby doll
Sinking shadows sugarplum
Fairies twirling under lashes
Dance me to metamorphosis

Fierce hair snapping
Hips mud-brown fling
Silky legs fire dancing
Pagan secrets flare
Gods screaming stare

Diaphanous goddesses
Draping marble bodies
Pull Zeus in
To their catacomb
Osseous Acropolis
Clinging wrinkled wet
Bend Zeus

Love’s callousness
Amidst hidden carnage
Destroyed wisdom
Hammering solitary souls
Into a spaceless station
Of indefatigable enmity
Swallowing blazing stone

Celebrate sin with wine
Man fuse woman flash child
Knee ring wedding enslaved
Quietly trusting lying cheating
Door aha divorce

Cacti silent hear
Distant promises of rain
This is true praying

Mom’s breast smells sweet
Chile gonna cry cry
I’m your heartbeat
Whispering everything’s alright

Cherubs foretold
Rainbow meadows
Clouds of pear gold
Dear Lord’s way
Calming pure white
Allowed Holy
Evil’s twilight
Mortal play

Look well beyond
The breaking rain
That cloud of fire
Heaven insane
With loud desire
Out to love

Baby watch mother down the charcoal path
Cried love song
Mother smiled dancing to the nearest end
Kept silent music

Dissipating ran
Careless footprints
Now gone
Infant’s magic dream
Dim soft glow

My child fights
The darkness of freedom once
My words ignite
The soft light of ignorance

Young Leaves arise through
Litter of fallen Old Leaves
Embrace in passing!

Months burned slowly
In my town
Silence bars me
Out past two o’clock
Inside you
Another found
In rain drowned

Breath vanishes thus
Souls lost within vapors
Bide forfeited essence
Their pallbearers sway
Words hopelessly spurning

Death cosmetically at peace
Cushioned beatless soul
Tears in motorcades of grief
Families ominous
Unembalmed rolled
More yet-to-come
Child’s sadness lids this life

Books covered your faith
Lullabies played through your cares
Hope now bears you tears
Praying resounds years of pain.

Bronze melts upon desire
Into fire – and love dies
Self-sacrifice – the spirit
Feverish and mute – yet lies
To shape again the dust

Skies crack
Raven cries
Whales gasping
Salt scraps
Survivors of every desire
Run praying please favor us

To run from heaven
Rain crossed the moon
Crashing long drought
And never found love

From stimuli steel-toed
I play the floor cold
Extra harmony up my ear
I will taste decaying tears

Remember sweet treason struck angels protected
I am faithless reason whence spirits seize space
For His Holy Anchored Embrace

Before moonbeams
Before god’s despair
God’s newborn mouth
Soundless nowhere
Before God’s cry

Murderous from his cloudy chair
Over a cigarette nonchalantly
Staggered his mouth broken apart
Whispering ashes hot against me

We stand together
Frozen waterfalls waiting
For the thaw of death

I now understand
The best haiku I can write
Is the one that says…






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